Our Achievement

The implementations of the programmes are still on going. However, over 2,500 water supply systems and 2,658 (Compartments) public sanitation facilities (VIP & Water Closet Toilet) fully completed in both states of Osun and Yobe, benefiting over 1.2 million people.

FMWR through FPCU has developed various manuals such as Information Education and Communication Manual, Programme Implementation Manual, M&E Monitoring frame work Tools for the programme.

Various Information Technology and office equipment were procured for FPCU and 48 LGAs across the two states while the two States renovated the office building, equipped Water Laboratory and also procured various goods and operational equipment. Various training activities have been completed including study tour for all the key stakeholder at various levels. These include community, LGA WASH, State and Federal Officers and Political Office Holders from the two states.